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* Create your Bebo (a custom avatar, with tons of options!)* Use #hashtags while chatting to do things (eg. try to #slap your friend!)* There are thousands of hashtags for you & your friends to discover!Hashtags can help show how you feel (#tired, #excited, #OMG), or take action (#hug, #twerk, #kiss), or any phrase (#turntup, #sorrynotsorry, #iwokeuplikethis).
You can hashtag ANYTHING.
#draw - lets you doodle right in your chat window#words, #bishslap - play with your friends or against @gamebot
Those are just a few of the hashtags, youll have to discover the rest yourself! #goodluck
For help and or feedback feel free to contact us at
Bebo archive FAQ:
Are you a long time bebo member? Do you have fond memories of bebo in 2008? We luv you and want you to have your memories back!
When we bought back the site was in a sorry state and we just had to wipe the slate clean:
* Everyone is getting their old photos back! How do I get mine??
It’s pretty simple. 1. Download Bebo for iPhone or Android 2. Just type #oldphotos in any chat, and enter your old Bebo account info 3. That’s it! You will receive your Photos & Blog Posts via email

**when you download bebo, please create a NEW account. Your old login details will not work with the new app.
* Help! I can’t remember my old login information
Uh oh. You need to know EITHER your username+password, OR your old email address in order to claim your photos. Without this identifying information, we cannot access photos from any account.
* It says my Account was Disabled - can I still get my old photos?

Unfortunately no. Once an account has been disabled, we cannot access it to retrieve old content.
* It says my Account was Disabled - why?
The top 3 reasons accounts are disabled: * You closed the account way back when you moved on to facebook * Materials conflicting our liberal use policy was hosted on the profile * Other violations of our terms of use at the time
* I had 5000 photos, but I only got one back -
We noticed that a lot of bebo users had more than one account, some on purpose, some by accident, be sure to try all of your accounts / old emails.
* Help !!!!
Please e-mail us at
* My old public bebo profile is still there, I have changed, I dont want history preserved
Please drop us an e-mail at with your username we batch delete old accounts about once a week (it is a manual process). Dont forget to retrive your old photos & emails first if you want to keep them.